@ I T S R A C H E L J O H N S O N 

Minimalism is a pretty prevalent world on the internet these days.  And I'll just go on official record and say that we are definitely not hardcore minimalists..  because, kids.

But we're definitely working towards being intentional about what we have, how we use it, and what we bring into our home.  I'll be writing more about that actual process soon, what we've been inspired by, and how we actually went about getting rid of junk.  so this part of minimalism is inward. my heart, my mind and my well-being.  I share this with humility because I know there are mamas out there that need to hear this.

We'll call it "the pursuit to less in motherhood"  and yes, that sentence probably goes against a lot of articles and posts you've seen in the past few years about motherhood.

we (as a culture) are constantly running after more.

after being more.

after having more.

after doing more.

if you're a mom, and don't have some sort of MLM side-hustle or something to do or contribute to then really--who are you?

Surely we cannot just step into this role as a mother and have it be enough, right?  (I guess I must have skimmed over the verse that tells you if God has placed you in motherhood - you must also sell things)

Now hear me out— I’m not bashing the MLM life in any form— there are people I know and love and adore who truly thrive here.  I’ve done MLM, I have my own small business. I have/had side hustles galore.

And I'll be honest with you-- It was never enough, and simultaneously, entirely too much.  

I've chased after the entrepreneur life.  and part of me still is, and will in the future.

But right now?  God is slowing my heart down in so many things.  There is this clarity surfacing in my heart that being busy does not mean being successful.

I was filing my days with projects and things I am good at.  Things I know God has provided for me- talent wise and finance wise. Working towards better success for my family, something to make of myself, bigger impact... and you know what?

God said wait.  Just be still and dive deep into motherhood.  Passionately run after this- because the kids wont be kids forever.  Don't get too busy chasing this to forget that you are first and foremost a wife and mother.

When we search and chase and its not enough It leaves us in a dry valley of failure and guilt.  

But when we realize that we cannot and DO NOT HAVE TO do it all?  There is so much freedom in that.  And surely when we walk forward and step out of those self-held expectations of doing everything we realize that while we may be doing 'everything'- we certainly aren't doing it well. 

There were words I needed to remove from my daily dialogue. 
The bottom feeder self talk-  the words that sit in the muck and the dirt.  that's where I was.  I am incredibly hard on myself and it manifests in forms of perfectionism and claiming responsibility over things I have zero control over.  Beating myself up, tearing myself down, holding unrealistic expectations of myself,  sulking in my own worry and anxiety.

But more importantly there were words I desperately needed to reclaim . Words that seemed like a foreign language. Words I faintly know a rough translation for but don't properly know how to use.
>>Life- giving, Holy words directly from God who so desperately loves me & loves you. Whispers of grace filled encouragement and love that is unmerited and relentless and powerful. <<

Its easy to fall into the first narrative - because, well- we're human.  But man, if we learn to grasp the reality that the second narrative is where we can rest? That’s good stuff.  That’s where I want to fight from and stand in.

Less in motherhood is where Im arriving. It makes the most sense in my heart.   

Less events on our calendar

Less clutter + stuff to deal with and maintain

Less screen time

Less commitment to things that shouldn't be prioritized over my family

Less stress

because this shift naturally produces abundance.  

More family time

More time to dig deep into the word

More time to pray

More time to be outside and just play and learn with my kids.

More peace

So mama, if you're struggling to find your place, what you think you should be doing, or what you should be better at?  You're so not alone. I see your heart, and I get it.  
Motherhood is incredible.  We've seriously been given some of the best work.  Raising image-bearers of Christ is no light responsibility.  But it's undeniably profound.

Let's allow ourselves the space to shift our focus.   Let's learn to wake up and know we're walking into Holy ground.  (Especially when that holy ground looks like copious amounts of cold-ish coffee, chaotic breakfast and toys scattered on the floor by 7:15am.)

Find something to say no to this week, or this month. Make time for things that have fallen to the wayside.  Intentionally schedule rest first before other commitments.  Make time for art, or music, or whatever makes your soul wake up. Re-prioritize your schedule to make these days matter.  Commit to less.  Rest in abundance.
There is so much goodness found in the unrushed pace of life hidden with Christ.