on being 5 years old

F I V E   Y E A R S   O L D.  what?  

Asher Zachary is five today. ( & I'm currently picking myself up off the floor in puddle-form wondering how we've already arrived here😭 I think 5 is going to be weepy for this mama. These kiddos reach daily milestones but 5 is just so different!!)

Five years of life. A life that has completely transformed my own life in so many ways. He is smart and brilliant. He has the biggest heart and loves hard. He is stubborn and determined He has gigantic dreams. His heart for adventure captivates me.

We love him and adore him so much it hurts sometimes. Parenthood is tough and sometimes it's a slow-developing reward isn't it? But man if it isn't one of the most holy things we can do here on earth. His life is a testament to the goodness of God, and our only prayer is that we raise him to be the child of God that he is. That we would be hearers and doers of the word with him. That we would lead him humbly and gracefully by example and that he would grow into a man who honors God with his life. HBD Asher Zachary.

We had such a fun adventure filled day with you buddy.