on downpours & stillness

A few weeks ago, Kyle and I took a hike.  It had poured the night before and the trails were kind of soggy, so we waited until the afternoon to go. About a quarter of a mile in I stopped and just looked around —  the trees were breathtaking. dsc-5986_orig.jpg dsc_5980

We were catching the last moments of rain soaked leaves pierced by the sun breaking through.  Hosea 6:3 instantly popped into my mind--

“As sure as dawn breaks, so sure is his daily arrival.  He comes as rain comes, as spring rain refreshing the ground. “ 

The woods come alive after a rain. The trees endure the downpour, and soak in the goodness. He refreshes the trees with the rain.

Lord, this is what I want— for my life.  To be able to endure downpours, and soak in your goodness.  So much of the forest depends on the downpours- and it thrives on the goodness received. Lord I want to be so aware of your daily arrival in my life— just as sure as the sun rises.  Let me rest in your goodness.

dsc-5861_orig.jpg dsc-5889_orig untitled-7_orig.png

We reached the waterfall we were hiking to and it was quaint and beautiful. and you know what I noticed?  even though the waterfall was rushing, the stillness of the pool below and the stream that followed was so peaceful. so content.

guys- how often do we miss the down pouring of his spirit and his love -- His grace and mercy, and just forget to be still and be aware of those moments.  so I'm working on learning to be still. To rest in his presence. I'm Learning to soak in the goodness.