On Star Wars & Learning

DSC_2517.jpgKyle has been quite intentional with teaching our children the ins and outs of Star Wars.His mom saved his entire Star Wars action figure collection, so each time we go visit Asher gets to take a piece of it home.  its special and magical and I love that he does this.  They love to play with these when we go visit. magical and I love that he does this.

We're kind of at this crossroads in parenting.  As believers we struggle with a lot of the unknowns of the public school system.  But we also do not want to fear the world, and to be a light in darkness is so important.   Do we send him off to pre-school right after turning 4?  is he ready for that?  probably not.  do we home school?  am I prepared and equipped for that?  probably not. but where do we draw the line as parents to protect our children and raise them as we feel is best.  the Lord is calling me to home school and that scares me.


but today we learned, at his pace, on his terms and he actually paid attention to what I had to say.  we learned about different continents and places in the world, where our family lives and where we would love to visit in the future.  all while flying around the globe with x-wings and tie fighters and the Millennium Falcon.  sometimes learning opportunities are presented and we don't even think about it.


I wonder how many times I push through a situation or an opportunity just to keep pressing on and do the next thing on my mind.  I have to be intentional and slow way down.  like way down.  saying no to things, and prioritizing what matters.  that's hard for me.  It's definitely something pressing on my heart.

dsc_3494  dsc_3499 Today we learned through Star Wars. and it was pretty cool.  I probably learned more about myself than the kids learned.  and maybe that's what God wanted me to realize.  that I am capable of teaching them, its just going to take a different mindset and thought process.  I'm scared, yes.  But I'm also really excited to grow my heart and expand my knowledge through these kiddos.

xoxo R