on turning three years old

Quinn Amelia, how can you be three already?  ( I'm totally a few weeks late on this, I'm sorry.)  We've been busy.

So much of my heart is wrapped up in your amazing self.

You love fiercely. You have the greatest laugh. You never miss a day without aggressively hugging my neck. You are brilliant. You make me laugh. so hard. I am 100000% convinced there is pure magic inside of you.

I adore watching you grow, and learn and step into the beautiful person God created you to be.  You teach my heart so much about what is important and what motherhood is supposed to be.

You and your brother and so special to me and I love how close you are becoming.

keep on being the beautiful thing that you are, stay wild and stay free. its my favorite thing about you.  I seriously can't tell you how much I love you. 

xoxo, mama.