Untitled-2.png what's up September.

August was good. (I think we were probably a bit too busy-but that's life right?)  As I revisit my August goals I'm realizing a lot of my September goals will be the same-- but just refining and getting better at things.

//MONTHLY GOALS// >>finish our play room/office/potential school room once and for all and utilize this space to the max.  I want to create a space to learn and grow with my kids, a place that will encourage them to dream and play and a space for me to be creative and seek God. This totally didn't happen-actually it got messier. This is a top priority for us this month. >>create and stick to a Dave Ramsey budget. y'all this is hard on one income. and scary. but we know it will be worth it! still working on it! But we are more aware of what are spending habits are.  >>really focus on writing for First Best  the team and I are excited to see what God holds for this fall with First Best. I am really excited about the fall and what we have planned-  Next week we are starting back up and we are so pumped >>establish a solid morning routine with the kids. Right now, Kyle wakes up around noon or a bit after and we love to relax and do fun things as a family once he is up, so I really need to get a solid routine down.  this is something that has been a struggle for me. I tend to waste my mornings and not plan things out. traveling and whatnot kinda throws this off. but overall we are doing good in the mornings. need to be more consistent though. >>Finalize new prints for Etsy shop and list them. yes!  I did this and I am proud. I even have some new orders just from advertising my shop on Facebook a bit(thank you, sweet friends!) . I am excited and humbled to see where things lead.  >>Glorify God in everything I do and everything I am a part of. yes. this has been on my mind constantly.  and it has helped shift my mindset in a lot of things.  >> gear up for fall photography & get inspired. I have  a few fall sessions scheduled and I'm pumped! //WEEKLY GOALS// >>one blog post here- it might be short/sweet/random but its a start!  it may also just be weird pictures of my kids.. I actually blogged on a regular basis!  it's good for my soul- I will continue to try and do this on a regular basis.   >>At least one 24 hour period of media free time. not a full 24 hours but definitely 12. going to keep working on this because it is so important >>sit down with Kyle once a week to talk life/finances/work/goals etc. as formal as that sounds our schedule is wacky and rarely get time alone together and we need to make this a priority. we did okay at this- definitely need to make it a bigger priority >>workout 5 times per week ( either Gym or PiYo) as well as walk whenever possible.  but guys, its HOOOOOOT right now. yes!  I'm in my last week of 21 day fix and Im feeling good. //DAILY GOALS// >>be intentional about how I talk with my kiddos. I am more aware of my tone with them.  working on being a gentle parent.  >>Get 8 hours of sleep ( this one is pretty funny to me) I've been going to bed earlier, but still need more sleep >>less phone time in the P.M. getting better.  >>pray so much more yes. this has totally changed my heart. >>time in God's word. yes, reading through Matthew right now- so so good. >>take. my. supplements.  because, I'm the worst at remembering this. yeah...... about that. >>drink more water doing so much better with this(most days)

//NEW GOALS// >>keep the house tidy(notice I didn't say keep it clean because have you met A & Q?) . - we all jive and function better on less chaos and minimalism.  and right now our house is anything but that. >>keep up on laundry. >>give Kyle more time out of the house ( not at work)

do you have goals?  do you thrive with goals? In all of this planning and goal setting I keep Jesus the focus. and know that he is enough for me to complete all of the desires and goals I have in my heart. And that He is enough for me. He is faithful and good to me. And I am just going to walk in that truth this month.

cheers to September friends. -R