Hi, friends!  I'll just jump right in since there is much to talk about!  
We are using two main sources this year.
1) Jenny Phillips'  The good and the beautiful  
2) the kindergarten tool kit

We chose these specific two for several reasons.  I would have loved to fly with a relaxed full-blown Charlotte Mason/Montessori learning approach — however I quickly realized it wasn't going to quite work for our son. Asher, is incredibly intelligent, has sensory processing issues, and is very workbook oriented so the lack of 'structure' or 'guidance' was hard for him.  I took to the internet to search for a hybrid of learning styles — something that would fulfill his needs and learning, and still be simplistic and beautiful and focused on what was important to me. 

I quickly found that there were a lot of good options, but none of them felt quite right for us.  And as anyone who homeschool knows, it's easy to drop a few hundred dollars on curriculum without batting an eye and I wasn't quite ready to commit to anything. 
>>>Enter The good and the beautiful.

Here are a few quick reasons why we are using this specific curriculum.  

1. It is a minimalistic, yet comprehensive approach to learning. 
Meaning, we aren't going to have a thousand course books, and materials to keep track of.  I'm actively pursuing minimalism and school is no exception to this.  It was important in my search as I didn't want to be burdened by course books and workbooks because let's face it —  our house is already being overrun by books as it is.  We have about 1-2 books for each subject, and thats it.  

2. It is biblically focused, without being obnoxious.
One of the things I found with a lot of curriculum is that it was overly biblical, dare I say cheesy. So many options were kitschy and distracting and I couldn't focus in on what needed to be taught.  Jenny does a fantastic job of blending everything in a natural, cohesive way that flows so well.  While focusing on faith, it also does a great job at focusing on nature, family, and high morals.  

3. Everything is so dang pretty!  
For someone who appreciates all things art — this was a huge win for me.  The classic, historical and beautiful art is scattered throughout the curriculum & it's priceless.

4. The cost. 
As far as a comprehensive curriculum goes — this was a no-brainer for me.  It is SO affordable. And can be used with multiple children of multiple ages and learning levels.  Several levels are available for free download, which makes diving in even easier, without the commitment.  Full purchase comes with a PDF download of the tangible items purchased- so you can reprint if needed.  This is great for specific parts, or if you want to reprint for a future child down the road.  

Coupled with this curriculum, we will also be using the Kindergartentooklit for Quinn, who is 4 years old and just starting out on the basics.  We are keeping a very loose, fun approach to learning with both of them.  
There are so many great tools in this kit - mainly the flashcards.  We'll be using these as we learn throughout the year.  

There is a great workbook included with several lessons, multiple flashcards, white board and marker, and chalk.
The design speaks to my minimal heart & is a big reason why we ordered it.   

This is another great cost-effective solution for the early years of learning!  you can incorporate these tools in multiple lessons and base a LOT of learning off of these!  

Thats basically it-aside from art supplies galore, our numerous resource books that will further our learning at deeper levels, and lots and lots of outside play and exploration.

Cheers & happy learning, friends.


*all images in this post are sourced from jennyphillips.com and Kindergartentoolkit.com