The pivotal steps to take your project from good ideas to awwww yeahhh!


Each decision is made with purpose and intention.  I live for minimal design- I think your brand should speak to who you are and what you do in a clean and efficient way.  This is my overall process.  I make things look good, yes, but I also learn how I can best serve you and work with you.  And that is most important to me.  


+ S T E P  1 // F I R S T  D A T E  
(minus the awkward jitters) 
There are two parts to this actually.  the first is an in-depth questionnaire to fill out.  This brings me up to speed and gives me an understanding of where you're at in your company, and what direction we need to head in.  After that, we'll have an initial focus call or in-person meeting.  We'll go over all the details, get to know each other and confirm we'd be a great team. I want to get to know you as a person beyond just a business owner too.  Ultimately, I want to ensure I can help you communicate your ideas effectively.  

+ S T E P  2 // O N B O A R D I N G  P R O C E S S

this sounds fancy, but it's really not.  If we make a good team and we're ready to dive in it will look a bit like this:

Design agreement + proposal//
This outlines the terms and overall scope of our project.  Timelines, each parties responsibilities during the project, deliverables, payment schedules and more.  This has an expiry date attached to it to make sure we stick to our timelines.  

50% deposit invoice//
I'll send this over to be fulfilled within the week before we get started on all the details. 

Further homework//
If we need to dig in any further in details that are required prior to us moving forward we'll do this here.  

Set up outline in Asana//
This isn't necessarily a crucial detail for you to know, but I like to show you my behind the scenes process here and there.  I'll set up a overview of our project in Asana.  I literally write out everything that needs to be done with corresponding deadlines to keep us on track.  Here's what this looks like:

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 12.55.30 AM.png

Create Dropbox folders//
I'll use dropbox to send you all deliverable files at the end of our project.  This will be neatly organized with specific folders for ease of use when its in your hands.  

Set up a new email folder//
Each person I work with gets their own folder.  This is partially for my sanity, but mostly to keep all communication organized.  

+ S T E P  3 // P L A N + P L A N  S O M E  M O R E

This is where you send me all the pretty things that inspire you.  If you have specific websites or IG handles you love, or if you're like me and have a thousand Pinterest boards for everything send that over to me too.  This step is crucial in ensuring I get a deep grasp of what you're after in design. 
Once I have a good understanding of where we are at as far as inspiration and ideas this is where I plan out a timeline and create a plan that will be efficient time and energy wise for the both of us.  We'll work together to come up steps that will lead us to success.  I'll provide a mood board that reflects your brand and style.  


+ S T E P  4 // C O N C E P T + D E S I G N
This is where it gets fun.  A lot of work goes into concept design, and it's a back and fourth process.  We'll walk through a full brand suite together, and this is where your timely feedback and honesty really comes into play.  Open communication is essential in keeping with our timeframe and overall project scope. 


+ S T E P 5 // F I N A L I Z E
Once we sit down and hash out all the details that need to be addressed this is where things come to life.  Where things get pretty, and where you can really start to see your brand come alive.  I take care in making sure every detail is perfectly designed for any translation - print, web, scrolls and carrier owls, ya know-- all the communication.  


+ S T E P 6 // L A U N C H + H A P P Y  D A N C E
Our newfound best-friendship won't end here.  I will set you up for success every step of the way.  I'll make sure you have the files and items you need, and make sure you know how to utilize them.  I'll probably check in on you too, because I love to support the people I believe in!